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2022 TugMudDare Course

TMD 2022 Map.jpg

Obstacle Descriptions
#1: Whacky Wash Out - scramble through a natural wash out area
#2: Ropes and Ladders - throwing it in reverse this year. Up the rope, down the ladder
#3: Hurtin' Hurdles - over/under logs
#4: Forest Frolick - over the hurdles and through the woods

#5: Terrible Tires - up and over the tire wall
#6: Ravine Wrecked - down into a (very) steep ravine you go
#7: Wicked Walls  - classic three wall obstacle
#8: Muddy Buddy - crawling through the mud
#9: DEnFit Block Party - The ground is lava, and you're walking on cinder blocks
#10: Dare Darts - because it sounds safer than saying spears?
#11: Tired- Exactly what you'll be after lugging these up the hill
#12: ???- It's a cold surprise!

#13: Culvert Caves - underground and through the stream
#14: Dizzy Dare- Because we can be kind, sometimes...

#15: Net Nightmare - up and down the net A-Frame walls
#16: North Winded - The uphill march where you start cursing us
#17: Turin Tables - Our take on Irish tables, up and over the boards
#18: Terrible Tires 2.0 - roll yourself over the top!

#19: Slippin 'n SLidin - the longest slip 'n slide you've ever seen
#20: ??? - Another fun, underground surprise for you!

#21: Gopher Goals - underground and into the darkness
#22: Dumpster Dive - a refreshing dip to wash it all off

2022 Jr.MudDare Course

Jr.MudDare Obstacle Descriptions
#1: Trippin' Tires - get those knees up to navigate the tires
#2: A-Frame Fame - up and over the a-frame wall
#3: Tire Tunnel - hands and knees to crawl through the tires
#4: Teeter Tots - up and down the teeter totter
#5: Slide Ride - downhill slide inside a big tube
#6: Tip Toe Tube - balance beam
#7: Muddy Buddy - crawl through the mud
#8: Swamp Swing - swing over the swamp
#9: Balancing Act - walking a tight rope
#10: Slippin 'N Slidin - the longest slip 'n slide you've ever seen
#11: Gopher Goals - crawl through the dark tunnels to the other side
#12: Dumpster Dive - a refreshing dip to wash it all off

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